Forbidden Nights

Horrorotica's newest Vampire Erotic Romance!

Spending her days tending the sick, taking care of the frail and the elderly, beautiful Belinda was used to the hard work that came with being a nurse. When she was hired to take care of Madam Joyce McGee, the wealthy and high-born mistress of the famed Iron Gate Manor, she thought she had landed her dream job. Never could she have imagined that the renowned Madam Joyce was not only an overweight woman trapped in a life filled with desperation with an attitude of self entitlement, but she was rapt in a marriage of convenience to Nathan Satineer, a four-hundred year old vampire of the wealthy Satineer clan. When Nathan met his wife’s sick nurse, he was taken by her charm and sweet innocence, awakening a fierce longing in him that lay dormant for much too long. It was wrong, he knew, but when he met the fiery redhead, he vowed to make her his at any cost. Belinda found herself falling in love with an aristocratic vampire whose strength was tempered by tenderness, whose warmth she found both refuge and passion.Together, they stole away whenever they can in Nathan’s bed chamber to share blood and intense lovemaking in their secret, forbidden nights.

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