Vampire/werewolf romance

Available in both eBook and paperback edition

Mystery at the Moonlight Casino

*Mature readers only, contains violence and sexual content*


Suzi, Kathy, and Brenda are three women who share a forever friendship. 
The women are offered a job solving a 100-year-old mystery that made the Moonlight Casino famous. 

They were offered complimentary rooms, and ten thousand dollars reward after their mission is complete. 

How were they to know that the owner of the casino is a 300 old vampire and his son, a newly made vampire would fall in love with one of their own? 

How were they to know the cook they 

befriended at the casino was a sex-starved werewolf? 

How were they to know the kindly maintenance man was a re-animated corpse brought back from the dead by his mother and a coven?  

How were they to know that this mystery would lead them straight into the realms of a ghost carnival, scheming adulterers, a spiteful gypsy, a tent filled with evil clowns, and a gigolo named,
How were they to know all this? They didn't, it's just a part of the mystery at the Moonlight Casino.


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