Mad Scientist Romance

 Available in both eBook and paperback edition


*For mature readers only, sexual content*

Horrorotica's Mad Scientist Erotic Horror


Life hasn't been easy for the fiery-haired nurse, Jessica Newman.  
When her beloved grandmother dies, she is left with nothing but an old trailer park, and just the clothes on her back...or so she thinks. 
After inheriting the trailer park, Jessica is thrown into a world she never knew existed. 
Her aunt, a sex-mad gold digger, who is on the search for money she thinks is hidden on the park grounds. 
Her lover Dr. Daniel Newman, not only shares her last name, but pulls Jessica into a secret world of heated sex, mutilated cadavers and undermining a scheming medical director for his own purposes. 
Dr. William Brooks, her employer, who drowns her in sea of blackmail and betrayal. 
Now follow that with two punk rock renters, an old woman that delves in the dark world of illegal surgeries and an Oriental hooker that stalks Jessica long after she's dead and buried and you have a crazy world filled with suspense, love and sex and plenty of defaced corpses.


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