Paranormal Romance

 Available in both eBook and paperback edition

The Demon of Bloodlust

**For mature readers only, contains contents of a sexual nature**

The earth is overrun by war and poverty, reverting it back to third world status. For the beautiful Heidi Mira, life is a battle for survival in a world filled with heat, grotesque animal life and not enough food to feed the hungry. 
Mankind is at mercy of another evil, Raebat, the demon ruler of the Kingdom of Bloodlust. With his gargoyle demons, he has taken over the country, killing and enslaving all mortals, including Heidi's father, sister, and grandfather. 
Forced to search for her family, she travels to the mysterious depths of the Bloodlust Mountains to seek out her loved ones and so many who disappeared. Heidi loses her venture with fate when she is captured by the demon king and made to slave in the pits of Bloodlust.  
Then Heidi befriends another slave named Kevin. 
When he met Heidi, Kevin knew that the free-spirited woman was meant to be his. But danger awaits Heidi in Kevin's dark world, caught between one man's passion and her own desire. Which will she choose?


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