Available in both eBook and paperback edition

 The Stroke of Midnight

An erotic vampire romance set in historical times. 

The village of Greenwich is rundown by an unknown blood disease; the only hope for survival is to stay isolated from everyone. 
Beautiful and spirited Serena Polland is unable to hide away from the rest of the world. 
Defying her mother, Serena takes a job at the makeshift hospital, working as a nurse. At this hospital, each night, she spends working side by side with the mysterious doctor, Alexander Debergman. 
For Alexander, life was nothing more than a mere two hundred years of solitude and darkness. His work was the only thing that could sustain him, until he met Serena. 
She was the sunlight he hadn't seen in centuries; she was a vision of warmth and beauty, love and desire. 
The unexpected happens when Serena not only loses her beloved mother to the sickness, but falls ill from it herself. 
When Alexander finds Serena fighting for her life and slowly losing the battle, he does the only thing he can do to save her life-make her what he is…a vampire


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